Call R from Kotlin or embed R inside Kotlin

Submitted by Dickens A S on Fri, 11/29/2019 - 06:03

Embedded R inside Kotlin


Demo output

E Embed

R code which is running inside Kotlin, simply add number 2 all the incoming array values and return

myfunc <- function(p1) {
  cat("Incoming value from Kotlin: ", p1, "\n");

  return(p1 + 2)

The Kotlin code which runs the R

package plot

import kotlinx.cinterop.*
import R.*

fun main() 
    memScoped { 
        Rf_initEmbeddedR(2, arrayOf("R","--silent").toCStringArray(memScope))
    //load R file myfunc.R
    var e = Rf_lang2(  Rf_install("source"),  Rf_mkString("myfunc.R") )
    R_tryEval(e, R_GlobalEnv, null)
    //prepare parameters
    var array = intArrayOf( 5, 8, 1, 0, 3 )
    var arg = Rf_allocVector(INTSXP, array.size.toLong())
    array.usePinned { buf ->
        platform.posix.memcpy(INTEGER(arg), buf.addressOf(0), (array.size * sizeOf<IntVar>()).toULong() )
    //prepare function "myfunc"
    var myfunc = Rf_lang2(  Rf_install("myfunc"), arg)
    // Execute the function
    memScoped {
        var error = alloc<IntVar>()
        var ret = R_tryEval(myfunc, R_GlobalEnv, error.ptr)
        if(error.value != 1) {
            print("Return values from R: ")
            var arr1 = REAL(ret)
            for (i in 0 until array.size)
                print("${arr1!![i]} ")
        } else {
            println("Unable to call R function")

Install Microsoft Open R from and add the bin directory to PATH

For Python use is code embed python in kolin

For Ruby use this code embed ruby in kotlin

For Lua use this code embed lua in kotlin

For TCL use this code embed tcl in kotlin


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