Plotting graph in R with X11 window system using Cygwin

Submitted by Dickens A S on Tue, 09/07/2021 - 03:02

This is the continuation of article /install-R-using-cygwin

This article demonstrates how to show a simple graph with help X11 system available in Cygwin/X

1.) How to install X11 in Cygwin

Double click the setup and launch the list of software shown in the previous article

choose the below two softwares



Compete the installation 

2.) How to start the X11

Go to Start Menu

Click on "XWin Server"

Setting Android Phone with an App as MIDI input device for PC

Submitted by Dickens A S on Sun, 08/08/2021 - 01:56

This article explains how to setup an Android device as a MIDI input device for a PC via USB cable

You need any android phone with OS version 6.0 or above

You need this app

Step 1

Open settings screen and tap on "Developer options"

SmartSynthizer: Low level sound synthesizer with math formula

Submitted by Dickens A S on Thu, 08/05/2021 - 13:55


This article show cases a new open source application called SmartSynthizer

This application allows the user to use mathematical knowledge to generate arbitrary sound and apply envelops over it

The code needs to be compiled using gradle 7.x and it requires MathGL, OpenAL, GTK4, RSVG libraries

The application needs to be compiled from source code and to be launched from the MSYS2 terminal or Cygwin

Run COBOL / gnuCOBOL inside Vs Code within MSYS2

Submitted by Dickens A S on Thu, 07/29/2021 - 03:51

This article demonstrates how to compile COBOL and see the output within VS Code UI

Install COBOL within MSYS2

  Follow this article cobol-windows-msys2 and install gnuCOBOL using pacman command line

Launch VS Code within MSYS2

  Follow this article launch-vscode-from-msys2 and launch the vs code 

Install Extensions

  install the bellow 4 extensions

Combine / Call Fortran DLL inside Kotlin Native using Gradle KTS

Submitted by Dickens A S on Thu, 07/22/2021 - 10:54

Call Fortran from Kotlin Native

This article demonstrates how to change the toolchain name using Gradle KTS and invoke gfortran compiler instead of g++ compiler and produce a DLL and reuse a Fortran subroutine or function inside a Kotlin Native code

There is a sub project named libfort1 which has Gradle KTS file, it has been improved to trigger a different exe command line using Gradle Action APIs, which allows the developer to modify the executable as well as parameters sent to the executable

Launch Visual Studio Code From MSYS2

Submitted by Dickens A S on Wed, 07/21/2021 - 05:35

This article demonstrates How to launch vscode.exe with MSYS2

Download Visual Studio Code

download the .zip version of the VS Code from the below URL

Unzip the .zip into C:\msys64\opt\vscode

Launch VS Code

open 64 bit MINGW by running c:\msys64\mingw64.exe

check version of vs code by running 

$ /opt/vscode/bin/code --version

launch vs code be running 

Installing R inside MSYS2 using Miniconda in Windows

Submitted by Dickens A S on Tue, 07/20/2021 - 06:19

This article demonstrates how install R using Miniconda inside MSYS2 MINGW64 shell

Download and install Miniconda

MIniconda can be downloaded from

Install miniconda iniside c:\msys64\opt\miniconda without adding to PATH

Set PATH environment variable permanently in MSYS2 .bashrc

Open c:\msys64\home\<username>\.bashrc and add scripts folder to the PATH

Example .bashrc