Use FTP with MVS 3.8 TK MAINFRAME in windows

Submitted by Dickens A S on Thu, 09/10/2020 - 05:11

It is easy to use FTP with the MVS 3.8 Turnkey in windows

first enable command mode in windows

open command prompt and goto "unattended" folder


And issue the below commands

C:\MyFiles\mvs>cd unattended


Hercules console mode activated for unattended operations (mvs.bat)
Press any key to continue...

C:\MyFiles\mvs\unattended>cd ..

Then start mvs from the same command prompt



herc =====>

You will see the hercules prompt

in the hercules prompt you type the below command to start FTP

herc =====>/start ftpd,srvport=21

06.10.38 STC  122  $HASP100 FTPD     ON STCINRDR
06.10.38 STC  122  $HASP373 FTPD     STARTED
06.10.38 STC  122  IEF403I FTPD - STARTED - TIME=06.10.38 

That's all the FTP is started, now you can use your preferred FTP Client like FileZilla or any other to connect the mainframe

Example FTP command line


Connected to
220 *** MVS38j FTP Daemon on TK4- ***
500 Huh?
User ( HERC01
331 Okay, waiting for password.
230 You are now logged in.

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