Use FTP with MVS 3.8 TK MAINFRAME in windows

Submitted by Dickens A S on Thu, 09/10/2020 - 05:11

It is easy to use FTP with the MVS 3.8 Turnkey in windows

first enable command mode in windows

open command prompt and goto "unattended" folder


And issue the below commands

C:\MyFiles\mvs>cd unattended


Hercules console mode activated for unattended operations (mvs.bat)
Press any key to continue...

C:\MyFiles\mvs\unattended>cd ..

Then start mvs from the same command prompt



herc =====>

You will see the hercules prompt

in the hercules prompt you type the below command to start FTP

herc =====>/start ftpd,srvport=21

06.10.38 STC  122  $HASP100 FTPD     ON STCINRDR
06.10.38 STC  122  $HASP373 FTPD     STARTED
06.10.38 STC  122  IEF403I FTPD - STARTED - TIME=06.10.38 

That's all the FTP is started, now you can use your preferred FTP Client like FileZilla or any other to connect the mainframe

Example FTP command line


Connected to
220 *** MVS38j FTP Daemon on TK4- ***
500 Huh?
User ( HERC01
331 Okay, waiting for password.
230 You are now logged in.



Can you explain your question, you need to run the MVS TurnKey 3.8 and give the username password

all username and password are available here


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