Eclipse STM32 Blinky ARM Hello World

Submitted by Dickens A S on Sat, 09/12/2020 - 05:21

Without writing any code you simply run the blinky project from eclipse by doing the below installation steps

Step 1: Install Nodejs

Install Nodejs

Node js can be installed using a standard EXE provided by nodejs vendor.

Download the installed and install it as usual.

The nodejs will be automatically available in PATH environment variable allowing it to be executed from any prompt.

Step 2: Check Nodejs in command prompt

C:\>node --version

Step 3: Install XMP

C:\>npm install -g xpm

Step 4: Check XPM 

C:\>xpm --version

Step 5: XPM Windows build tools

C:\blinky>xpm install --global @xpack-dev-tools/windows-build-tools@latest

 Step 6: XPM ARM gcc

C:\blinky>xpm install --global @xpack-dev-tools/arm-none-eabi-gcc@latest


C:\blinky>xpm install --global @xpack-dev-tools/qemu-arm@latest

Step 8: Add gcc to path

C:\>set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Users\<your home>\AppData\Roaming\xPacks\@xpack-dev-tools\arm-none-eabi-gcc\9.3.1-1.1.1\.content\bin

C:\>set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Users\<your home>\AppData\Roaming\xPacks\@xpack-dev-tools\arm-none-eabi-gcc\9.3.1-1.1.1\.content\arm-none-eabi\bin

Please replace <your home> to proper folder name

Step 9: Add emulator to path

C:\>set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Users\<your home>\AppData\Roaming\xPacks\@xpack-dev-tools\qemu-arm\2.8.0-9.1\.content\bin

Please replace <your home> to proper folder name

 Step 10: Install Eclipse plugin

Eclipse CDT


 Step 11: Create C Project in eclipse

Eclipse Project


 Step 12: Configure blinky ready made code project


Project step 1

 Step 12: Configure Folders

Eclipse Project Step 2

 Step 13: Configure EXE

Eclipse Project Step 3

 Step 14: Configure GCC


Eclipse Project Step 4


 Step 15: Run the ELF


Build the project in eclipse then run the below command

qemu-system-gnuarmeclipse -board STM32F429I-Discovery -mcu STM32F429ZI -image .\Debug\blinky1.elf

"blinky1.elf" is the project name, you can change it


,you will get the "Hello World!" output

main(argc=1, argv=[""]);
Hello ARM World!
Standard output message.
Standard error message.
System clock: 168000000 Hz
Second 1
Second 2
Second 3
Second 4
Second 5





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